Video: Leading Change in Uncertain Times

Saturday, January 25, 2014 posted by Amel Karboul

Leading Change in Uncertain Times

This 9min video is part I of the keynote speech by Amel Karboul at the Lufthansa Change Day on January 20th 2014. She addressed a large international audience of change agents and executives to reflect on the ways in which real change can happen today and what the barriers are for authentic, humane and effective change. Amel argues that connections and trustful relationships are key to change management rather than programs, big egos and big announcements.

Radio interview: Big Words Do Not Mean Change…

Saturday, January 25, 2014 posted by Amel Karboul

Interview DRadio Wissen mit Amel Karboul

Wie verändert man große Unternehmen? Indem man konkretes Verhalten ändert! Denn wahrer Wandel kommt von innen und beginnt im Kleinen. “Tolle Begriffe sind noch lange kein Wandel”, sagt die Unternehmensberaterin Amel Karboul. Die Tunesierin hat unter anderem verschiedene DAX-Vorstände beraten. Ihr Geheimrezept: “Ich bin immer froh, wenn es reichlich Widerstand gibt.”

Klick to listen to the interview in German, Interview avec  en langue allemande: Wahrer Wandel kommt von innen – Gespräch mit Unternehmenscoach Amel Karboul

My 10 days with Steve Jobs

Wednesday, January 01, 2014 posted by Amel Karboul

Coaching in einer komplexen Welt – Beziehungen als Fokus

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 posted by Amel Karboul

Coaching hat bereits eine rasante Entwicklung hinter sich. Vor 20 Jahren galt es noch als Schwäche, wenn eine Führungskraft einen Coach um Rat fragte. Heute ist so manche Führungskraft eher verwundert, wenn man keinen Coach hat. Und der Bedarf scheint weiter zuzunehmen.

Eine Führungskraft heute ist in einer anderen Position, als sie es noch vor 20 Jahren war. Unser Arbeitsumfeld wird immer komplexer, die Aufgaben müssen schneller, genauer und mit weniger Informationen erledigt werden und die Autorität einer Führungskraft wird immer mehr in Frage gestellt. Todd Gitlin drückte es treffend aus, die Frage sei nicht ob, sondern welche Autorität man heute in Frage stellen solle. Read the rest of this entry »

Moments of connection and happiness – AWARD CELEBRATION

Monday, December 03, 2012 posted by Amel Karboul

There are moments in live when we have to pause for a while. Moments of connection and happiness that we should not take for granted and move on to the next task. I am extremely proud, happy and humble to have received today the 2012 Best Coaching Colloquium Case AWARD in Berlin during the ESMT/KDVI Coaching Colloquium. Konstantin Korotov and Andreas Bernhard (ESMT) chose the case based on the case’s originality, learning and developmental impact on the coaching community, and the ability to demonstrate self-reflection on the part of the author.

Susan David (Institute of coaching at Harvard) has in a professional and supporting way facilitated quite an emotional session.

I was fortunate to share with the distinguished audience an incredible experience of coaching a CEO and his team during a major transformation. This team coaching was not only a transformation for the client but for me too and it was a journey about meaning making in a world of differences. Overcoming the “us versus them” and creating human connection among the team members as well as reminding them of why they work, what contribution they are making for the organization and for the community were critical success factors. It did cost me a lot of courage to stand up to put the “elephant” on the table. My colleague and I decided not to play any games, to be authentic and clear in an appreciative and supportive manner.

I can tell you that for a top team that rather deny their own dysfunctions and by that threatening a multi billion € investment, to open up and look in the mirror was a huge step. It was not about “feeling” better but about creating a high performing top team that can navigate the company in times of crisis. It was about overcoming egos and creating space for different perspectives and truths. Together with the team we achieved a tipping point!

If you are interested to read the case in a confidential preliminary version, please contact me via the comment function of this blog.

My journey fighting dragons and monsters – part 2

Sunday, November 18, 2012 posted by Amel Karboul

I was asked by a client to support him and his executive team through a crisis. One of the leadership members has been shot in the office. Since I am writing about this experience in a case study exclusively for a business school, I won’t be able to share much here. It is however important for the understanding of this journey.

In a sense this experience was about taking the red or blue pill (movie THE Matrix). I took the red pill and I discovered a new world. I faced death in the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of this team coaching. I discovered the power of empathy. I learned that our fears get bigger the more we hide them, the harder we try to keep them as a cherished secret and that facing them with the support of friends and allies diminishes them and can even turn them into supporting forces. During this phase of the journey, I started to learn the power of letting go.

My Sabbatical in Cape Town

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 posted by Amel Karboul

Last year, I packed up my two daughters and moved to Cape Town for three months. My husband was there already three weeks before we arrived. After 15 years of hard work, I longed to have a creative break from ‘life’ and organized this break. It took me so long to take this decision – why do we invent so many psychological obstacles to prevent us from following our desires? Once I had made my decision, I was amazed how easily things fell into place. My husband agreed to join in this experience, the girl’s school embraced the idea of them joining a South African school and we set up a weekly email contact with the teachers back in Cologne so they would not loose touch with their classmates. We even were fully booked for the time after the sabbatical, so god did send us all this to take the pressure off and allowed us to truly enjoy our time away.

Cape Town is an amazing city, we felt welcomed from the first moment. We found a clarity it would have been hard to obtain in daily routine and helped us define new goals for the next years. It helped us see what we want from life and it made it possible for us just to enjoy life. We met a bunch of people too from all over the world who came to Cape Town in order to fulfill a creative dream. We marveled everyday at the magical sounds and sights of the city. The sky changing colors were our daily highlights. We also lost many fears. We lost the fear that our client would miss us, we lost the fear of letting go, we lost the fear of not being able to live elsewhere as a family, we lost the fear of asking ourselves: what do we want in life?

We also found an objective view into our life. A sabbatical with small children is not a meditation retreat or a let’s live a loose day after the other. You organize a house, a nursery, a school, a nanny, a car, a doctor, homework and sport activities and play dates. After four weeks, I called my best friend back home totally shocked telling her: “ can you imagine after four weeks we recreated the exact same life we have in Germany – how come, are we mad?” She was a gift from heaven. She just reframed what I said: “ Amel, you just created the structure you need to be able to have some free time while having a family sabbatical!”. And she was right. While the kids were at school we had often 3 hours lunches in great vineyards, had nice coffee on the waterfront or went to yoga classes. We spend some time with an NGO in one of the biggest slums, organized birthday parties and braais for our new friends. It happened however that at a magical moment, on the top of a hill, watching a sun set and starting to shift into a Zen mind, a 2 year old calls out: Pipi! You start laughing then and learn to be in the moment.

And now afterwards asking ourselves: did it make us happy?

Yes, it did!

Erschienen in Profile 21/2011

Washington DC, April 2010

Ich halte einen Vortrag zum Thema Zukunft der Führung: Weg vom Hero CEO hin zu Netzwerk-Leadership. Die Trends, die meine These verstärken: Autoritätskrise, Technologische Revolution und Globalität (Globality – Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything (BCG, 2008)). Das Internet wird unsere Gesellschaft so grundlegend verändern wie der Buchdruck die Aufklärung und unsere westliche Gesellschaft ermöglicht hat. In einer Pause unterhalte ich mich mit meiner Kollegin Mara aus Ägypten und wir rätseln: Wird sich dies auch in der arabischen Welt niederschlagen? Überall finden demokratische Prozesse statt: In Südamerika, in Asien, in Afrika. Werden wir – die Araber – die letzte Bastion der Diktatoren bleiben? Irgendwie deprimierend ist es schon. Read the rest of this entry »

Coaching in der arabischen Welt im Coaching Magazin!

Thursday, June 30, 2011 posted by Amel Karboul

Mein Artikel “Coaching in der arabischen Welt” wurde nun im Coaching Magazin 2/2011! veröffentlicht:

download pdf here

Dialogkommentar “Beraten im internationalen Kontext”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 posted by Amel Karboul

Dialogkommentars zu “Beraten im internationalen Kontext” von Gaby Beltzig, David Hertzig und Frank Rothenspieler erschienen in “Profile 19/10″!

download pdf here